A client asked if I could to remove a few 'wrinkles' from their photograph.  I thought I might share the results here.

This is the original photograph with only few adjustments for exposure and such: Before

This image is after some 'enhancement' to remove a few years off the subject: After

This image was me getting a little carried away.  I removed about 15 or more years off the subject: After more

Here are all three side by side for a better comparison.

Photoshop Small

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About the Photographer

I’ve rediscovered my passion for photography. Years ago I was very active in film photography, 35mm, from photographing to developing. Now ‘focusing’ on digital photography.

  • Current camera: Canon Rebel XTi (and I’m sure there will be a move up one day)
  • Favorite lens: Sigma 150mm 2.8 macro

Primary Interest is in photographing auto racing events and those small things you just never see. Although you will notice nature photography is becoming a close second!

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